5 Alternative Art Institutions in Madrid

Do you think that there is no real scene of young artists in Madrid? Our guide Daniel Leguina tell us some of the best places to show you that this is not true.

La casa

Art itself is the only real indicator of cultural vitality

The building of the former Tobacco Factory of Embajadores is in public ownership and under the Ministry of Culture through the General Directorate of Fine Arts (GDFA).  Due to its characteristics, the building is part of the historical heritage and has been listed as Heritage of Cultural Interest. LTBC is a social centerthatpromotes the direct participation of citizenship in managing the public domain. These capabilities include not only artistic production, but also social action, critical thinking and the dissemination of ideas, works and procedures that seek to expand and democratize the public sphere. LTBC is a comprehensive center that includes languages and modes of expression, but also the complexity of demographic, cultural, ethnic, records and ways of inhabiting the territory and the time in the short therm.


MataderoA space opened as a showcase for avant-garde art of the city hosting projects from emerging artists coming from all over the globe. The space holds new language codes, experimentation and different propositions of the coolest avant-garde art. La Neomudéjar has been created with the aim of giving opportunities for research and experiment on new laboratories arts through exhibitions, programs and exchanges with other art houses at international level. Video art, installations, performances, street art, parkour, robotics and translation of bodies are some of the disciplines that one can experiment at La Neomudéjar. This gallery focuses on new generation technology formats as well as the discarded, that merit review under a creative recycling conscious and conflicted with the immediacy and expiration of the current consumer companies.La Neo


Matadero Madrid is a living and changing space serving the creative processes of participatory art education and dialogue between the arts. This space was born with the desire to contribute to the reflection on the contemporary socio-cultural environment and with the aim of supporting the process of building the culture of the present and future. The encouragement of contemporary creation is special part of the mission of Matadero Madrid, always from a trans-disciplinary perspective, hybridization and breaking boundaries and art frontiers, where all forms of artistic expression have its own space: performing arts, film, music, design, architecture, street art and landscaping.


Off Limits is a process visualization space research on contemporary reality, which gives special attention to new positions and reflections of art, a laboratory of artistic innovation and collective learning. Off Limits focuses on experimental and research projects, and offers an important space for the professionalization of artists and creators. Its programming holds performing visual arts, creativity and thinking by adopting specific format presentations, exhibitions, conferences… In front of increasing dematerialization, institutionalization and privatization of space dedicated to contemporary creation, Off Limits vindicates the need for independent culture as a way to promote and accommodate artistic expressions that have no place in the mainstream discourse.


TabacaleraLa Casa Encendida is a social and cultural center open and dynamic, which holds the most innovative artistic expressions, courses and workshops on areas such as the environment or solidarity. The cultural program of La Casa Encendida offers performing arts, film, exhibitions and demonstrations of contemporary creation. This important space of arts in Madrid supports young artists to develop their initiatives with different and interesting programs. In addition, La Casa Encendida has a complete resource center (library, media, newspaper, radio lab, photography and multimedia) accessible to all audiences.


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