Madrid’s emerging Art Scene

Spain is well known for its contribution to painting … having produced more great artists than virtually any other country in the world.Think of: Velázquez, Goya, Dalí, Miró, Picasso, and Barceló. The present is no different; nowadays we can still find many interesting emerging artists with brilliant futures. A group of selected professional artists, which changes every year, open their studios or homes for us to exhibit their work. Let us show you some of the workshops of emerging Spanish talents, some of them with firm international recognition. Best time for the tour:  11:00 am Duration of the Tour :

Chic Shopping Tour

Our insider shopping tours are designed to provide travelers with a behind-the-scenes shopping experience. Let us share with you Madrid shopping secrets, tips, and much more that only a trendy local know. This stroll provides everything you need for enjoying the side-by-side neighborhoods of Triball & Salamanca, the most exhilarating shopping destination in town. These ever-changing, fashion-forward districts are so expansive, they are best explored with an expert. This tour weaves through the streets targeting a special selection of INDEPENDENT clothing & accessory boutique worth visiting. Hidden gems that range from trendy luxury to chic bargain. Your fashion savy guide