Madrid Kids-friendly

We love kids!   In the morning, we propose to visit the ‘Essential Old Madrid’, the 16th-17th century Town, centered around the Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace.This is a compact area and easy to walk. We like to include activities to keep the kids excited and entertained. Kids also love “Chocolate con Churros” a sweet, creamy, and very tasty snack! Your kids are sure to end up with a delicious chocolate mustache that they will enjoy cleaning up! Madrid offers the best chocolate sauce accompanied by strips of fried dough. In the afternoon, we propose to guide you through

Gourmet Byways-The city’s centennial pastry shops

Combine your love of chocolate and cakes with your passion for Madrid! Madrid serves to you the best chocolate with Fried “Churros”  (strips of fried dough. )It is sweet, creamy, delicate and very tasty!. Its density helps to drawn funny moustaches that the children clean with their tongues.  The Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour combines Madrid  gourmet specialties with an walking tour so you won’t need to feel too guilty. The Pastry Shops in town are extremely beautiful and  they are full of history . This  tour is led by an expert food connoisseur, who will take you through the

Madrid´s bike culture

Get to know Madrid´s new growing bike culture. It´s a perfect combination of the old and the new, ranging from historical monuments like the 16th century Segovia bridge to the most modern urban sports areas with a rock climbing center, a skatepark and an extreme cycling circuit. If you´re travelling with kids, No Worries!!, they won´t have time to be bored, not with the hill of slides, the tree trunk jungle and the super zip-line among many other play areas. There´s even a city beach. To top it off, you´ll have the best views of Madrid´s amazing monumental skyline. Duration