This tour we will provide  you a very precise  idea of the oldest Madrid heart The Essential Tour will give you a great overview of the old city. The tour encompasses 16th and 17th-century Madrid, including the grand plazas and traffic arteries that the Habsburg families built to transform a quiet town into a world-class capital. We well take you on a stroll through ‘Essential Madrid’, centering our tour around: Plaza Mayor, The Royal Opera House and the Royal Palace area. We will guide you down medieval streets, across majestic squares and through 1200 years of history. The open-natured people, diverse languages


The Literary Quarter was once home to Spain’s illustrious writers of the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, the charming pedestrian district is a popular area teeming with interesting bars, cafes, pastry shops and the best old taverns. According to tradition, Madrid is the place to taste Tapas, drink wine or small beers accompainied by calamari  sandwich, mojama with toasted almond, olives and wine  indeed ! These traditional establishments have been in operation for more than 100 years. This tour focuses in the time period of the famous writer Cervantes! On this walking tour of Old Madrid, you will discover an area


New Architecture Madrid At the beginning of 2006, MoMa in New York staged the exhibition “ON-SITE: New Architecture in Spain“, which aimed to share with the world Spain’s new image. More citizen-friendly cities, museums with a new look and ecological buildings are all part of a revolution led by Spanish and foreign architects, whose results can be seen in cities like Madrid. And this is a reality now a day. We experiencing vertiginous change.The city´s thwarted ambition to host the 2012 Olympic games, now revived with its bid for the next one´s and led our town to a radical transformation

Flamenco Experience

Characterizing Spanish culture for centuries, flamenco dancing originated in Andalusia, with Granada often pinpointed as its birthplace. With a private instructor, you’ll discover the moves and rhythms of this vivacious form of art – just leave your inhibitions at the door and start with an ‘olé’! Our proposal is to take a Flamenco lesson with a private tutor for a 1hour session! Enjoy one-on-one coaching from your  professional private dance tutor Discover the intricate moves and rhythms of an authentic flamenco dance. In time to music from acoustic guitars and passionate palmas (hand clapping), follow your instructor to learn how


Madrid, where prejudice stays in the closet Madrid is coming into its own after being voted the Best Annual Gay Destination for the second year running last year by MTV’s gay channel,  is becoming known as an inside tip for party people across Europe. Madrid awaits you with open arms. It is a city that welcomes visitors and helps them to fit in. It is a fun city where variety and diversity are its main characteristics. The gay scene in Madrid is one that has been rapidly growing over the past few years and illustrates just how open-minded the city