The team

Meet the people that make MC&C

Gemma Garcia

Gemma García
Gemma is an Art & Travel enthusiast. She loves wandering around with people, enjoying a lively conversation on an inspiring setting.

Get to know Gemma…

1. Favorite Madrid Cool & Cultural Tour? Olive Oil and Wine Tour. And of course the Prado Museum.
2. Dream Vacation? Traveling around Italy in a convertible car for a month or two.
3. Favorite sundae topping? Rose-petal flavor macaron

Teresa Vega

Teresa vega
Teresa graduated in Art history, ancient history, and American anthropology, and is a professional tour guide. She is passionate about her home town, Madrid, and especially enjoys its museums, its fabulous food and its night-life.

Get to know Teresa…

1. Dream Vacation? The Himalayas
2. Favorite Madrid Cool & Cultural Tour? Madrid of the Enlightenment and the Triangle of Art (Prado, Thyssen, and Reina Sofia Museums)
3. I know it’s going to be a good day… when I open the window and see one of those beautiful, deep blue Madrid skies.

Diego Iglesias


Diego graduated in Art history and Toledo Jewish ancient history and is a professional tour guide. He is impassionate about her home town,Toledo and especially enjoys its hiden secrets

Get to know Diego…

1. Dream Vacation? New Your City and any Museum there
2. Favorite Madrid Cool & Cultural Tour? Toledo at Night
3. I know it’s going to be a good day… when my guests are curious and love new travel experiences

Gonzalo Fuentes

Gonzalo Fuentes

Gonzalo Tourguide

Gonzalo is a global nomad and living cultural melting pot. Half Basque, half Andalusien and born in sunny Madrid. After become a manager sitting in an office really wasn’t for him so he decided to move to her favorite city in the world – Madrid – to indulge her love of history, art and food. He is loving being immersed in Madrid’s culture, nightlife and generally amazing lifestyle.

Get to know Gonzalo…

1. Dream Vacation? Italy any corner, any city
2. Favorite Madrid Cool & Cultural Tour? El Escorial and La Granja
3. Favorite movie?My fav director is Federico Fellini …maybe 8 and 1/2

Esther Martínez

Esther Martinez

Esther Tourguide

Esther was born and raised in Madrid. She graduated in Tourism and ever since then she has been professionally involved with this fascinating town. Both English and French are her working languages.

Get to know Esther…

1. Favorite Madrid Cool & Cultural Tour? I´m a frick of the  Royal Palace& Old town tour.
2. Dream Vacation? Any new place where History has left a memorable footprint,
3. You enjoy… I´m a foody so I love spending time with relatives/friends sharing a nice TAPA and a glass of red wine

Alicia Fornieri

Alicia Fornieri


Alicia is a native of Mallorca and has been guiding trips all over Europe since 2010. An avid traveler and a city passionate, she loves art,teaching kids and biking the Retiro Park

Get to know Alicia…

1.Dream Vacation? Biking in Copenhagen or beach bumming in the Caribbean
2.Favorite Madrid Cool & Cultural Tour? Museum Tours and Kids friendly
3.If your life were a movie, what would it be titled? Jane Austen Sense & sensibility

María Carretero

Maria Carretero

Maria Tourguide

María was born and raised on Andalucia. She has been guiding tours since she finished her tourism studies. María is a dedicated practitioner of Flamenco dance. Always full of energy, her walking tours are vibrant.

Get to know María…

1.Night owl or morning person? Definitely a night owl person.
2.Favorite Madrid Cool & Cultural Tour? 500 years ago in Sepharat
3.You know it is going to be a good day when… weather is perfect for going to the beach and I have 3 days off.

Mariano Vela


Mariano Tourguide

Mariano is a very enthusiastic person about Spanish history and always ready to share his knowledge with people from all over the world. He loves to discover new cultures and has been living for a few years in the United States working with children. He has travel quite a lot, but if he has to choose one country that has amazed him the most, he would say Japan, due to the contrast he experienced comparing to the western civilization.
Get to know Mariano…

1. Dream Vacation? Put on a backpack and travel the gorgeous  Asia
2. Favorite Madrid Cool & Cultural Tour? Segovia Tour
3.Favorite food ? I love Mediterranean cuisine and the cakes my mom makes!…mmm. Let me show you my fav pastry shops in town !

Inma S. Bernardo

Inma Sanchez

Inma Tourguide

Inma was born and raised in Toledo, World Heritage City by the Unesco since 1986. She studied History of Art in Ciudad Real and English in Bath (England), where she met her French boyfriend. She returned to Toledo and has been guiding tours in the Three Cultures City for five years now.

Get to know Inma…

1. Dream Vacation? A full summer in France.
2. You know it is going to be a good day when… you wake up in the morning and see a blue sky through your bedroom window.
3. Favorite song of all time? “Out of Africa” soundtrack

Eduardo Baura

Photo of Eduardo Tourguide

Eduardo wurde in Madrid geboren und hat Geisteswissenschaften stuidert. Derzeit arbeitet er an seiner Doktorarbeit in Geschichte und lehrt an der Universität San Pablo CEU. Seine Leidenschaften sind Reisen, Sport und alles, was mit Kultur zu tun hat.

Get to know Eduardo…

1-. Lieblingstour Madrid Cool & Cultural? Essential Madrid.
2. Traumurlaub? Eine Motorhome-Reise in Neuseeland.
3. Zwei kulturellen Meisterwerke? Der Herr der Ringe und Der Club der toten Dichter.

Leticia González


Leticia is our guide in medieval Segovia, she loves the city  and she is involved in. ” One of the main attractions of Segovia, Spain is its very impressive aqueduct, which runs right through the old city and is staggering in its scale and balance”

Get to know Leticia…

1. Favorite Madrid Cool & Cultural Tour? Segovia World heritage tour
2. Dream Vacation? The Mediterranean beaches
3. Favorite Food? Succulent Suckling Pig at Segovia’s Oldest Tavern.

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