5 Gluten-free restaurants in Madrid perfect for celiacs

Italian, Japanese, or Mediterranean: the number of gluten-free restaurants in Madrid is constantly growing. ARTEMISA Artemisa opened in the 90s, when vegetarian options in the capital were limited. Since 2016 they added to this a 100% gluten-free menu and is now one of the reference restaurants for celiacs. In addition to the menu of the day, its green nettle cream, salads, vegetable croquettes, Farah Dibah cake, Queen of Africa zucchini, pizzas, burgers or tasting dishes are some of the proposals that you are going to find in its two restaurants located in the center of Madrid. 📍 Calle Ventura de

Madrid New Year´s Eve 2023-24

New Year’s Eve at the symbolic center of Madrid has become more than just a celebration, it’s a global tradition in Spain and beyond. 31 December is a very special celebration, where the fun and partying go on well into the early hours at PUERTA DEL SOL where you will have a great time eating the traditional ‘lucky grapes’ Eating twelve grapes. Tradition has it that you have to eat them one by one, in time with the striking of the clock at midnight on 31 December. If you manage to eat all the grapes in time, you are in

Best 5 Restaurants in Madrid on 2024

With Michelin starts but not too much ;-) Coque: With its two Michelin stars, three Ms from the Guía Metrópoli and three Repsol Suns, Coque has now opened its doors in the heart of Madrid, where hopes, dreams and mutual respect are the order of the day. Mario, Rafael and Diego Sandoval, third-generation restaurateurs, have imagined their ideal space into being, each applying his own signature touch, led by designer Jean Porsche. Remarcable! OSA :  The capital is full of groundbreaking gastronomic experiences that broaden horizons and this is one of them. Awarded the Tapas Best New Restaurant 2023 and

Madrid Red Wines…Be local

There is nothing like a relaxing wine time We are passionate about wine and the flavors of our land! The centenarian grapes of Madrid are illustrated by their deep cherry color, their explosion of floral scents, their elegance and Mediterranean berry-herb combinations, including only a hint of orange citrus. Alnd  at the same time, your mouth is filled with a light , even crunchy sensation, with the acidic vertebral spines of the grapes, flavorful, almost saline, and with a reminder of when rain falls lightly on natural slabs granite. Wines full of excitement, elegance and  complexity.           Let us take you

2019´S Food Trends in Madrid

People from Madrid “madrileños” we love food and we are happy to devote a huge amount of time and energy to the act of eating. Then there is the geography of Madrid, which sits in the centre of the country like a giant spider on its web. Much of the highest quality produce ends up here. The fish and seafood, in particular, are of unsurpassable quality, the fish market being the second largest in the world after Tokyo. It is not impossible to eat badly here, but you do have to try quite hard. The sheer quantity of good restaurants,