Best 5 Restaurants in Madrid on 2024

With Michelin starts but not too much ;-)

Coque: With its two Michelin stars, three Ms from the Guía Metrópoli and three Repsol Suns, Coque has now opened its doors in the heart of Madrid, where hopes, dreams and mutual respect are the order of the day. Mario, Rafael and Diego Sandoval, third-generation restaurateurs, have imagined their ideal space into being, each applying his own signature touch, led by designer Jean Porsche. Remarcable!

OSA :  The capital is full of groundbreaking gastronomic experiences that broaden horizons and this is one of them. Awarded the Tapas Best New Restaurant 2023 and opened just a few months ago, the restaurant OSA achieves its first Michelin star.. In fact the Gastronomic bar is our favorite, surprising and delicicious.

OSA Madrid

Club Allard: Inaugurated in 20 years ago as a private club,El Club Allard upholds its sophisticated style since its opening to the general public in 2003 and has become one of Madrid’s most prestigious gourmet temples.This Nov 2023 recovers its Michelin star withcheff José María Goñi, disciple of Martín Berasategui. Always surprising and good choice for private events too.


Classics that never fail

Zalacain  or Horcher : Difficult choice, to our personal point of view Horcher has always been the most luxurious and elegant restaurant in Madrid, a little above Zalacain. But Zalacain was the first one to have 3 michelin starts in the 80’. Recently renovated after the covid pandemia , the menu still amazing. For us Horcher seems much nicer and more welcoming, choosing him to take hunting in winter, while, for the rest of the year, I would choose Zalacaín.Bouth have the best services in town.

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