Gourmet Byways-The city’s centennial pastry shops

Combine your love of chocolate and cakes with your passion for Madrid!

Pastelería Superior

Madrid serves to you the best chocolate with Fried “Churros”  (strips of fried dough. )It is sweet, creamy, delicate and very tasty!. Its density helps to drawn funny moustaches that the children clean with their tongues.

 The Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour combines Madrid  gourmet specialties with an walking tour so you won’t need to feel too guilty.

The Pastry Shops in town are extremely beautiful and  they are full of history .

This  tour is led by an expert food connoisseur, who will take you through the best Madrid neighborhood to visit at least; pastry shops, a bakery , chocolate shops and a do a Chocolate Lesson !!!

Learn about the history of chocolate, sample chocolate delights and discover Madrid! A chocoholics heaven in the heart of Madrid. Things are only looking up in the world of chocolate – we not only tend to eat less, but better quality chocolate, and we’re also far more aware of chocolate’s healthy properties: it’s one of nature’s superfoods, helping to relieve stress and enhance pleasure while providing a terrific source of magnesium!

Contact us for your private luxury guided tour in Madrid

Best time for the tour:  10:00am

Duration of the Tour : 4 hours walking tour ( 1 or 2 cabs are necessary to move from one place to other) ~Extended versions are available~

From : 360*€ 

The price for the food and drinks are included for a group of 4. Additional pax, price 25€.

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