5 best Nightclubs in Madrid

Whether you fancy chic cocktails, a pub crawl, or dancing the night away, these are the best clubs in Madrid for exploring the city’s incredible nightlife

You’ll have no trouble finding just the right spot to fit your mood among the myriad bars, big nightclubs, and small pubs that have earned their place on the scene. Here’s our selection of the best clubs in Madrid so you can head out and not worry about a thing except having a good time, whatever your taste in music and ambience.

Kapital (2)
C/Atocha, 125
The Godzilla of Madrid clubs, with splendid views of the main dancefloor from many of the upper balconies: dance voyeur heaven. Of seven storeys, each has something different to offer – the main dancefloor and bars are at ground level; the first floor has karaoke; the second, R&B and hip hop; the third, cosy cocktail bars; the fourth is Spanish disco; the fifth has a cinema and more cool sounds; and at the top is a terrace with a retractable roof. Though you’ll be doing a lot of walking, wearing trainers will leave you standing out on the street.
Opium Madrid (Moma 56)
c/José Abascal, 56
If it’s a bit of glamour you’re looking for and you actually feel up to the challenge of getting through the door, then you should probably check out Moma 56. Multifunctional in a New York style, the venue is a restaurant, bar and nightclub, with stylish decor and a semi-celebrity crowd. When you set foot on the dance floor, you’ll be dazzled in equal parts by the brands sported by the patrons and the pink and green LED lights moving to the beats of dance and pop music.There’s even a valet parking service to offer the posh a completely worry-free experience.

Kapital (1)
C/ Velázquez 6
This dance club exudes luxury and class. Its clientele flaunt their luxury cars and expensive clothes. That’s why one of its main strengths is its discretion. There’s an imposing stage, lit by a large array of LEDs and plenty of chairs lining the walls to sit back and have a drink. The long drinks list includes vodka and gin in Magnum and, of course, expensive champagne. There are also a number of VIP zones which are frequently occupied by celebrities.
C/ Corredera baja de San Pablo,26
Truly postmodern, this place is outrageously kitsch but with a pop art sensibility that saves it from crossing over too far into tackiness. The fake fur, Star Wars pictures and the faux-cool 1970s psychedelia hang together surprisingly well, and there’s a pleasant anything-goes music policy that brings all kinds of sounds from acid jazz to house to soul. The crowd, slightly older and with less to prove, tend to chill out in the easy-going vibe, so the armchairs are a constant temptation, and are always conducive to romantic encounters. Plaid shirts and beers abound in this alternative Malasaña establishment.
Joy Eslava
C/Arenal 11
Unusual in that it retains some original trappings of its former incarnation as a 19th-century theatre, in every other respect this is an ordinary high-street club. The vast crammed dancefloor runs the gamut from teenage tribes through to housewives, enjoying staple disco house. One of the classic venues in Madrid where you’re likely to see some famous faces, Joy Eslava also hosts live performances that range from concerts to monologues.

Madrid’s nightlife never stops. Enjoy !

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