5 Gourmet Delicacies from Spain

Each place that we visit has something special that we would just love to take home with us! Without a doubt, the best that we can hold on to are our colorful experiences and great memories.


But, what would you say about bringing some of Spain´s greatest, and most authentic flavors home with you? The gastronomic panorama of our country is full of sensations and hundred-year-old traditions.

Making special reference to the olive oils, wines, and the flower of salt…

Here are our 5 favorite products:

1.  Rice Bomba de Calasparra: This rice is cultivated in mountainous regions that are at elevations of 350-500, in the meadows of Rivers Sarroz 3egura and Mundo (tributary waters). Thanks to the natural environment in which it is cultivated, the elements work together to create exceptional chemical characteristics and culinary quality. The hardness of the grain is due to the natural dehydration, resistance to binding and as well, this natural product is guided along a course of clean, fresh water.

2.  (Azafrán) – Saffron has been cultivated in Spain for more than one-thousand years; and having put down strong roots, the traditional ingredient has been exported to practically all countries around the world. The azafrán found iAzafrann Spain is considered to be to be the best in the world. Azafran is small in size and has particular organic characteristics (color, flavor, and smell), as well it involves close and patient attention in its elaborate process of collecting, pruning and drying. My great-grandfather used to say that 0,5 kg of azafrán cost more than a horse! It´s not exactly like that anymore, but it does continue to be the most expensive spice, having five-times more value than vanilla and nearly thirty-times more value than cardamom.

3.  Pimentón de la Vera: The cultivation of peppers for the purpose of creating the Spanish parika was introduced in La Vera in the 16th century by the Sister of the Monastery of Jerónimos in Yuste. Tradition and wisdom gave them a helping hand in coining this method, and we can say that from the infinite calm of the Monastery, the Sisters of Jerónims were able to give us a prized treasure that would awakes our senses.

This precious spice is not spicy, but marvelous in its smoky flavor which is derived from the grinding of diverse variety of red peppers (Ocales, Jaranda, Jariza, Jeromin, and Bola).Marron Glace

4.  Candied Chestnuts (Castañas confitadas) are an exquisite Spanish luxury. These chestnuts are of the highest quality and are produced by Cuevas, which is a leading Spanish manufacturer with over 60 years of experiences. The chestnuts are from Galicia, the beautiful North West region of Spain which is well-known for its favorable growing climate. They are delicious; an authentic Spanish treat that everyone will enjoy!.

5.  Violet PVioletasetals: Of course! You are in Madrid and the violet petals are the marked flavor of Madrid. The violet plants have disappeared from our urban landscape, from more than 100 years ago, but the most famous store still remains. Do not miss out on tasting the natural, candied petals and let the smell of the store take you over. Try to imagine how you might create a new dessert, with this flavor, upon your return home…maybe a chocolate and violet cake? Leave your guests fascinated!.


Bon Apetite!     

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