5 TV Shows to inspire your Madrid Trip

If you are planning a trip to the Spanish capital, here are some television shows and SOAP OPERAS  you should watch before you visit us, to check out the city and get some insight into Spanish culture


The black and white shooting did not extingish his brilliant and flamish show, wich leed us inside a back stage of parties, sex and celebrities that runaway in gray dictator Franco period.

Ava Gardner’s life in Madrid in the 1960s is told from the point of view of her maid and chauffeur, both spies in Franco‘s secret service, who report on her hedonistic lifestyle, filled with an elite group of artists, aristocrats and expats. Characters such as Juan Domingo Perón, president of Argentina on three occasions,Hemingway or Ava Gardner, a glittering star of the golden age of Hollywood are great represented here by Oscar Nuñez and Debi Mazar  . Filmed  in the section of the Jarama mountains,two classic stops that slip into the plot are Chicote, a cocktail bar founded in 1931 or Villa Rosa, a flamenco tablao that was born at the beginning of the twentieth century and where they also sell tickets to attend shows. Other emblems of the capital that must be visited for fans of the Paco León and Anna R. Costa series are the Grassi jewelry store on the Gran Vía, the Rastro flee market, or Las Ventas bullring .


La Casa de Papel

Those who have seen it , it is almost addictive and, judging by the figures, they may  be right. La Casa De Papel became the most popular non-English-speaking series in Netflix’s history in 2018 and, in view of its resounding success, the platform announced a third part, whose premiere It is planned for 2020. So,lets revisit the places where the adventures of the first chapters take place. In the outskirts of Madrid, in Torrelodones, there is the El Gasco farm located, a space of 1,400 square meters where weddings and other events are usually organized, and that is where characters like Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Denver or Helsinki studied how to carry out the perfect heist. In addition, in the capital you can visit some of the locations where the chapters were filmed, such as the Fabrica de Moneda y Timbre located at the  Scientific Research  Center (CSIC). Another option for the followers of the series is to participate in the original scape room 



One of Spain’s most popular television shows, Velvet is a drama about a 1950s fashion atelier. Seamstress Ana and rich kid Alberto (who is poised to inherent the fashion house, the eponymous Velvet), have been in love since they were kids, but things get complicated. Velvet combines the best of fashion, romance and 1950s fun. Most of the show takes place indoors, but the shots of Madrid’s famous Gran Vía street and the city’s rooftops are priceless. You can even see the building where the show supposedly takes place on Calle Gran Vía.


Arde Madrid
Las Chicas del Cable

Las Chicas Del Cable, is the first Spanish original series produced by Netflix. It aired its first season in April 2017. The series centers around four very different women working as switchboard operators in 1928 Madrid, Spain. These women unexpectedly end up forming a tight friendship with one another throughout the first season and help one another navigate through life’s difficulties.

A woman’s independence was seen as an act of rebellion, and fighting for freedom was a struggle that took a lot of courage. This is the driving force of Las Chicas Del Cable


Ministerio Tiempo

El Ministerio del Tiempo is the rare time travel show that knows how to make the most of its genre. It winks at the lore, but it also knows how to use the concept of time travel to say big things about the sins of history and the pain in each and every human heart. It is wry, thrilling, funny, and most of all, smart.

Film inside Palacio de Sueca , the palace over the centuries was used as the residence for the scolars that Works with King Charles the 3children, a School and the residence of the Primer Minister Godoy and Maria Teresa de Villabriga.

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