5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid

Don’t let anyone tell you Madrid doesn’t cater to vegetarian and vegan diets – if you know where to look, delicious wholesome goodness is easily available. The trend for gluten-free food is kicking off in the city, a relief for allergy sufferers and fans of wheat-less meals. Our selection of excellent restaurants, cafés and bakeries offer everything from gluten-free brunches to vegan cupcakes – get ready to dive into the not-so-hidden world of vegetarian and vegan friendly world of Madrid.

Isla del Tesoro
Street food options, sweet shops and food markets abound in the city and are easy to find. Madrilenos LOVE FOOD! We love to eat it, share dining experiences with our loved ones and for us every meal or snack is special. Whether it is hot chocolate and churros (deep fried pieces of dough), essential in a Madrilian experience for breakfast, where the hot chocolate is pudding-thick, and barely sweetened, or the tapas experience with Tortilla Española, Gazpacho or Patatas Bravas (deep fried potatoes covered in a spicy sauce), every tasty morsel has a story and a place in our gastronomic history.

There is no reason for Vegans and Vegetarians to be excluded from the dining and gastronomic experience that Madrid can offer.

Yerbabuena, Is located in the heart of Madrid and a short walk from Puerta del Sol.Yerbabuena offers perhaps the most creative veggie dishes in the city. The atmosphere is modern and the cuisine contemporary. Their regular menu offers weekly specials which can include Jerusalem artichokes with algae; seitan stuffed vegetables, tofu filetitos with pumpkin purée, or baked eggplant involtinis with spinach, sundried tomatoes and ricotta cheese. The menu also offers gluten-free options and the portions are generous. (Calle de Bordadores, 3; +34 915 48 08 11)

Artemisa, open for over 20 years, is one of the first vegetarian restaurants of the city. It’s a classic, known for its delicious homemade dishes and affordable prices. You can’t go wrong with ordering their vegetarian paella or their tasting menu. Both are staples in the restaurant and served in generous portions. (Calle Ventura de la Vega, 4; +34 914 295 092)yerbabuena

El vergel, offers an extensive menú, as well as uninterrupted operating hours and is one of the few vegetarian restaurants that offers breakfast and afternoon tea/snacks post lunch but before dinner. Their dishes strike the perfect balance between authentic and homemade and the contemporary ingredients and spices. The restaurant itself has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere accentuated not only by its décor but also by the personal touches of the owners. The restaurant also has a shop, where you can pick up additional veggie-friendly and natural products while in Madrid. El vergel offers affordable “menus del dia” for lunch and dinner with plenty of vegan options. (Paseo de la Florida, 53; +34 915 471 952)

La Galette  in the Salesas neighborhood will first entice you with its cozy decor. During the day the dim lighting and cozy atmosphere make it a perfect spot for a quick respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The restaurant is a hidden treasure in the city and stopping in is worthwhile just to see the creative and funky décor that consists of candles, masks and antique instruments. This restaurant offers dishes from all over the world and regularly serves typical, but veggie-friendly. The menu doesn’t differentiate between vegetarian and vegan dishes but offers plenty of options and asking a server should help direct you as you make your dining choice. To enjoy this “treasure” I highly recommend calling in advance and reserving a table. (Barbara de Braganza 10 ; +34 91 308 54 13)


Crucina :Probably the only vegan AND raw restaurant in Madrid. Their food is really good. I really enjoyed their salad and raw pasta. It was the perfect find with inspiring creations on the menu. I have had a lovely night, not only is the food good, but the service and the setting is amazing too. George the owner is a very good host. Congratulations! ( Calle Divino Pastor, 30 ; +34 914 453 364)

Thank you to Linette Franco for been so helpful and a source of inspiration for me !


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