The Spanish culture is much indebted to its Jewish and Arabic ancestry.

It will be our pleasure in this tour to introduce you to this rich heritage through two vivid and emotional elements: food and dance.

Do you feel like accompanying us on a journey through the flavors and sounds of Spain five centuries ago?

Our proposal is to walk around the oldest parts of Madrid, telling you the stories of the Sephardic Jews and Moors lived in Madrid until they were expelled at the end of the 15th century. In order to persecution over the centuries people share their anguish trough the music and Flamenco was born.You can also click to read more about it.

We will sit in a centennial hidden venue

Then, a great ‘bailaora’ (dancer)  will explain to us the roots of Flamenco and how the different ‘palos’ express different moods.

We will learn from her the basic movements of the hands and feet, and we will clap castanets.

Afterwards, we will finish in un old gourmet market convey about the food traditions in Spain 5 centuries ago… we will taste 3 different wines and we enjoy surprising traditional tapas.

You will LOVE this tour !

From : 495€- 4h Tour for up to 3 people.   Additional participants at a cost of 30€ each.

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