Stylish capital of French Basque country

The first impression that invades you when you arrive at Bayonna is the tranquility of its two rivers that join in front of the majestic opera house. And it’s a jumble of red and green painted wooden facades with wobbly gables.

Originally a Roman garrison, this city was under British rule for 300 years

It’s been a strategic stronghold since medieval times, and the old ramparts are still visible around the outskirts of the old town, but it’s Bayonne’s pretty half-timbered buildings, riverside restaurants and shady cobbled streets that make it worthy of exploration.

Divided in Grand Bayonne the commercial trade area, pinturesque Petit Bayonne and Jewish district  Under the old town there are still 130 Gothic cellars.

Bayonne and the charming norrow streets
 The  two towers of its marvelous Gothic cathedral attract the eyes from anywhere in the city.

Let us discover the wonders of its interior in addition to making a gourmande break to taste its chocolate.

Bayonne is internationally known for its chocolate

By the year 1870, there were 130 chocolate makers here.  In the 19th century chocolate was prescribed as a medicine by Parisian pharmacists.

Today, Bayonne is still officially recognised as France’s Capital of Chocolate with its own Guild of Chocolatiers and Chocolate Academy.

Our epicurean addresses :5 Restaurants and 1 Hotel

  • La Table de Sebastian Grave
  • L´Embarcadire
  • L´inattendu
  • Goxoki
  • Patxamama

Hotel de Basses Pyrénéés

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