Hermitage white nights from Neva

San Petersburg is a very peculiar city, born from mud and swamps in the 18th century. Its splendorous and decadent buildings remind me several European cities, such as Paris, Vienna, Rome, or Prague. Its channels and bridges bring me back to Venice, Istanbul, or Ambers. To travel and storytelling is one of my very favourite things to do. I particularly enjoy the inspiration that comes up from unexpected places or visitors…like Roman God Mercury, who follows me from façades, top-of-monuments, fountains and, of course, along the Hermitage rooms. My god! Does he try to escort me to the underworld? Or is he just the good protecting god of travellers? Mercury is also the patron of orators, of literature and poets, of athletes and inventors, of artists and merchants…and surely of all them were well represented in this imperial capital. I visit twice the great Hermitage. Time stretches and floats along its incommensurable halls and the glittering rooms. I try to make my own path, not to hear the mermaid’s singing of thousand of pieces of art spanning the whole human history, and to focus on the XVIIth century, my favourite period. What a collection of gorgeous masterpieces was acquired from Western Europe by the Great Catherine. Thank you. Every time that I come up to my Masters I feel inside myself part of their energy and strong passion for life.
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