Private AvantGarde Cooking Classes

Private AvantGarde Cooking Classes

Are you a professional Chef or a Lover of the High Cuisine? Are you looking for new ideas and itineraries that embody the true spirit of Spanish Cuisine? PL menu2

New and exclusive cooking classes with renowned chef in an exclusive ambience in wich designer, avant-garde menus are created.

Spend an unforgettable day in the Bourbon Neighbourhood.

Our Chef has received high acclaim and commendation for her creative, award-winning cuisine, representative of the regions of Catalunya  and Madrid

«My friend, a lawyer by profession, has now changed her life to fully dedicate herself to what she loves, teaching cooking. She and I both share excitement and passion for vanguard and creative cuisine that never ceases to surprise us. She is a tireless researcher and great traveler, who knows well the secrets of the most renowned chefs of our time. Captivated by the flavors of the world, she offers us her original vision of the art of cooking, the fruit of what she’s learned through her travels. She’s an alchemist who seduces the most exquisite palates with her unique culinary universe.» Pilar Latorre1Ferrán Adriá, Chef El Bulli

This exclusive chef cooking is perfectly adapted to contemporary tastes, as she is conscious of the importance of caring for one’s health without giving up the joy of eating well. This is healthy cooking, always using natural low-fat ingredients, top-quality raw materials, and seasonal and regional products. Besides carefully selected products, this is detail-oriented, but at the same time easy to prepare and exquisitely presented cooking.

Pilar Latorre2

Class includes:

  • 1 Private hands-on cooking class (about 2½ hours) with our expert, English-speaking Chef.
  • 1 Three-course lunch or dinner, made up of the delicious dishes you’ll prepare, accompanied with fine Spanish wine tasting
  • Dossier with recipes

From : 530€  From up to 2 people. Additional participants at cost of 240€ each

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