Discovering Segovia

 Segovia  92Km north of Madrid is a mediaeval city, like Toledo, but with a quite different atmosphere, like the essence of Old Castile, noble, powerful, and a little austere. 92Km nortver1h from Madrid

It is a World Heritage site,sprawling within its city walls and beyond with historic buildings. Its main site is the  Roman Aqueduct, an extraordinary masterpiece in which practicaly coexist with harmony and beauty coexist.

It has rendered service to the city until recent years. Unmortared, brick-like ashlars joined by means of an ingenuous force equilibrium.

The cathedral and the JuderiaAlcázar, the Disney-like appearance of which belies its long history.

And the narrow, winding streets of the Hebrew district …will witness the richness of the Jewish cultural legacy of this Town.

Segovia has a  gastronomic importance as well: the slow-roasted suckling pig is a near compulsory experience. A must!



OPTION A:9:40 Chamartin / 10:00 Guide pick you up at  Segovia Train Station / 3h tour around Segovia with un expert tourguide/ 13:30 Lunch time / taxi to the Train Station 16:07 Back to Madrid

 From : 460€ */ tour for up to 2 pax . Additional pax 50€ Train tickets and guide included

OPTION B: Chauffered day tour . Private luxury minivan or Mercedes Car for up to 6 passangers +tourguide +professional driver

From : 970€**

*Taxi rides and lunch are NOT included

**lunch is not included

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