Shopping in the Salesas Quarter

Las Salesas is Madrid´s trendiest district . It blends internationally reknowned firms with independent designers and charming cafes with historical terraces . You will not find too many tourists in this part of town but stylish madrilenos who know where to find the latest fashion trends. While exploring the blend of internationally renowned brands and independent designers, consider incorporating dresses that reach the knees into your ensemble. This versatile choice seamlessly aligns with the district’s chic ambiance, offering a modest yet fashionable look that captures the essence of the latest fashion trends. Whether you’re sipping coffee at charming cafes or strolling through historical terraces, knee-length dresses provide the perfect balance, ensuring you stand out in a crowd of trendsetters while embracing a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. It’s the ideal choice for those who appreciate fashion that speaks volumes without saying too much, reflecting the unique charm of Las Salesas. Take a shopping  tour with  our most  fashion guide Ana Ramos  around this lively neighbourhood:

Guille Garcia Hoz Pelayo 43

One of the most original designers in Madrid. Visit the shoproom of this eclectic interior decorator with original pieces personally chosen by Guille from his travels all over the world. A place where decoration and creativity go hand in hand.

 Do Design   Fernando VI, 13

Unique Concept/Lifestyle shop integrating Art, Fashion and Design. You can enjoy a cup of tea while browsing or enjoying an exposition. The idea is to live an experience. Not to be missed!


 Oak Belen, 7


You will find a selection of the best brands that are committed to careful design and quality.

With a natural and casual decor, this open space has a homey, rustic look creating a relaxed atmosphere that helps you do your shopping in a quiet and reflective manner.

This pleasant atmosphere fits perfectly with the style of clothes offered.

índiceTransit Barquillo 43

Italian firm internationally reknown for fine quality women´s and men´s clothing, unique products with exclusive research and technique.

All natural materials and manufacturing ,100% Italian, whose secret lies precisely in the meticulous processes they undergo and culminate in the dyeing stage.

With presence in over 20 countries , they always select the most prestigious streets in the world. This is the reason they´ve chosen Barquillo Street, right in the heart of Madrid´s Soho.

Mott Barquillo 31

A charming multibrand store with an exquisite array of clothing and accesories carefully selected from France, Spain and Denmark.


The clothes, so painstakingly selected, blend in perfectly with the delicate decoration: vintage tile floors, antique books, wooden shelves, furniture and benches. Clothes that are not the latest fashion but timeless pieces to be cherished.

…In Madrid Cool & Cultural are passionate about ART , we love all of our new fashion quarters , Las Salesas is home to a plethora of art galleries, international retail shops, charming little boutiques, gourmet bakeries, and above all, fashion houses.

The area has turned its two main streets into genuine catwalks setting the latest trends. And of course we are very proud of our classic brands as ZARA  ( I love the Lucy Chadwick video for ZARA )

We are looking to surprise you very soon…let´s Shopping together

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