Sporty places in Madrid

Madrid is a dynamic city. This statement may be a cliché, but in this case there is no doubt that the capital of Spain is especially well equipped for sports. Both the huge amount of green spaces –Madrid is always on the top of the European Green City Index- and the desire of becoming an Olympic site have converted Madrid into an ideal city to play different sports.

Our most passionate sports guide, Eduardo Baura, has suggested to us some of his top five favorite green-spaces:

Correr1-. Running in the Retiro Park. Known as “the lung of Madrid”, this park in the very centre of Madrid is perfect for runners. Tree-lined avenues, beautiful ponds and hidden nooks welcome many runners every day.

2-. Cycling at Madrid Río. This new 10km-long park runs along the banks of the Manzanares River and offers a wide selection of sports and recreational facilities for the whole family. In fact, this is the featured tour of summer family fun…

3-. Playing golf and paddle in Golf Canal. Who said that golf could be practiced in just the outskirts of the city? In Golf Canal, right in the centre of Madrid, you can practice golf as well as many other sports, such as football, paddle and tennis. Unlike private clubs, in Golf Canal being a member is not necessary. But if you would like to have the experience something special, just let us know…

4-. Hiking in Casa de Campo. This huge park placed between the Manzanares River and the western part of Madrid is ideal for hikers, as well as for runners and cyclists. The edge of the park’s pond is the right place to relax after the exercise and to have a drink in the typical warm days of Madrid summer.

5-. Bernabéu Soccer Stadium. If you prefer watching sports rather than playing, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is a good place to visit. This Stadium of Real Madrid football club is one of the most famous and prestigious football venues, and the Stadium Tour is one of the most visited attractions in Madrid. In this visit you will be able to visit the museum as well as other exciting places inside the Stadium such as the fitting rooms of Real Madrid players and even the pitch where the football matches take place.

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