The 5 oldest establishments in Madrid:

Pharmacy of the Queen´s Mother 1578 It is known as the Queen´s Mother as this pharmacy was in charge of the Queen, María Cristina, medicine in the Century XIX. However, the establishment has been at 59 Plaza Mayor since the end of the XVI Century. Reconstructed in 1913 by architect Carrasco-Muñoz Encina, it is one of the best examples of Modernism in Madrid. It is unique for its library and formulas of prodigious remedies, such as their red ointment that works against alopecia or their pieces of old fossil that fight tuberculosis. Legend tell us that in his basement there

5 Groundbreaking Galleries in Madrid

Teresa Vega, our highly educated and renaissance guide, reminds us here that beyond the world-class museums and exhibition halls that make Madrid a magnet for discerning   travelers, there is a universe of art galleries, displaying the most contemporary tendencies.  Teresa has been kind in unveiling us her 5 favorite ones. With them you can build a really distinctive tour in town: Our city is undoubtedly one of the main cultural centers of Europe, and boasts such amazing museums as the Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza or the Reina Sofía, all centered around the so-called Art Walk, a paradise for art-lovers. But apart from

Flamenco Experience

Maria Carretero is one of MC&C  most acclaimed guides, but what might surprise you is that she is also an expert in Flamenco.She has been dancing since she was a child, but as her parents did not allow her to leave her studies to pursue a career in Flamenco; she earned her degree in Tourism and secretly continued to dance on the side.     Today she is a talented professional in both sectors! Here are her words ; I find Madrid one of the best places to have a memorable flamenco experience.     Flamenco and bullfighting are very

5 Reasons to choose Madrid as your next destination

The weather & outgoing people: Traditionally dry and hot weather in the city is usually bright and bolstering. That’s why the locals love to sit and talk on the beautiful outdoor terraces. Amazing Cultural Heritage: From historical buildings to new icons of architecture, Madrid is home to impressive buildings and monuments, Royal Palaces, hidden small churches covered with astonishing frescoes, monasteries that once upon a time were the Queen’s formal residences, the best Museums in the world such as the Thyssen or Prado Museum and more than 100 private art galleries. Family friendly destination: When traveling with toddlers, tweens, and

My 5 favorite Eco Friendly Cafés in Madrid

 ECO FRIENDLY CAFES It reminds us of the Swedish cafes.  Light wood, white colors, light, plants and flowers to make it more welcoming if possible. But they are in special places:  restyled factories, an old slaughterhouse or an earlier plumber’s … Architecture, wit and art to enjoy a busy city full of  new enterprising  proposals. These are my favorite ones: 1. Italiana_Madrid: The best Italian coffee, an amazing chocolate cake and Italian flavored books  . This is the place to enjoy a delicious coffee and chat with friends or to relax on your own with one of its books… It’s