5 Emblematic Literary Cafés

Before leaving us for a couple of years to complete his PhD at Columbia University in Spanish Literature … our guide David Mejia wants to share with us his favorite Bookstores and Cafés. This is his post: Madrid is a city with a long literary tradition: neighborhoods, for centuries occupied by writers, nineteenth century cafes and emblematic bookstores.If you come to Madrid, bring a book. Here is a list the cafes with the best atmosphere to read: Café Comercial  Wonderful decadence Café Gijón,Pure tradition Café Barbieri, Classicism in the most cosmopolitan quartier Café de Oriente, In front of the Royal

My 5 favorite Eco Friendly Cafés in Madrid

 ECO FRIENDLY CAFES It reminds us of the Swedish cafes.  Light wood, white colors, light, plants and flowers to make it more welcoming if possible. But they are in special places:  restyled factories, an old slaughterhouse or an earlier plumber’s … Architecture, wit and art to enjoy a busy city full of  new enterprising  proposals. These are my favorite ones: 1. Italiana_Madrid: The best Italian coffee, an amazing chocolate cake and Italian flavored books  . This is the place to enjoy a delicious coffee and chat with friends or to relax on your own with one of its books… It’s