The Literary Quarter was once home to Spain’s illustrious writers of the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, the charming pedestrian district is a popular area teeming with interesting bars, cafes, pastry shops and the best old taverns. According to tradition, Madrid is the place to taste Tapas, drink wine or small beers accompainied by calamari  sandwich, mojama with toasted almond, olives and wine  indeed ! These traditional establishments have been in operation for more than 100 years. This tour focuses in the time period of the famous writer Cervantes! On this walking tour of Old Madrid, you will discover an area

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Cuisine & Protocol at the Hapsburg´s Court

Holy Roman Emperor  Charles V ( 1st of  Spain) , ruled a great empire where “the sun never set”. In the 16th century his ships brought huge amounts of gold and silver from the new world to the port of Seville, thus making Spain the first European power. Cristóbal Colón and further Conquerors had brought as well a lot of culinary products unknown in the old world such as tomatoes, potatoes, corn, pumpkins, pine-apples, chilli peppers, lima and cocoa, the latter not appreciated at the beginning. But this is another story…!   These imported culinary products allowed the Spanish Court’s

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2019´S Food Trends in Madrid

People from Madrid “madrileños” we love food and we are happy to devote a huge amount of time and energy to the act of eating. Then there is the geography of Madrid, which sits in the centre of the country like a giant spider on its web. Much of the highest quality produce ends up here. The fish and seafood, in particular, are of unsurpassable quality, the fish market being the second largest in the world after Tokyo. It is not impossible to eat badly here, but you do have to try quite hard. The sheer quantity of good restaurants,

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5 Gourmet Delicacies from Spain

Each place that we visit has something special that we would just love to take home with us! Without a doubt, the best that we can hold on to are our colorful experiences and great memories. But, what would you say about bringing some of Spain´s greatest, and most authentic flavors home with you? The gastronomic panorama of our country is full of sensations and hundred-year-old traditions. Making special reference to the olive oils, wines, and the flower of salt… Here are our 5 favorite products: 1.  Rice Bomba de Calasparra: This rice is cultivated in mountainous regions that are

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Architecture, food, wine & fine living

I am delighted to introduce a guest post today by our colleague Aitor Delgado from the Basque Country and La Rioja, amazing regions in the north of Spain, where you can find fine tapas (pintxos), great wines, and impressive old and contemporary architecture. Our favorites: the Frank Gehry buildings. If you are heading to Bilbao after touring the Modern Architecture in Madrid , and taste our Tapas , make sure to read his post to be inspired! The traditions and ancient culture of the Basque Country have in the last years evolved with the work of new artists in the

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