Master of Candlelight & Shadows

Born in France in 1593 George de la Tour early artistic career is somewhat of a mystery but it is documented that at the age of 27 he petitioned to the Duke of Lorraine to move to wife’s nearby hometown of Luneville and work there as a professional artist.He was granted permission and set up as a master painter with a studio and apprentice. La Tour became a successful provincial artist, painting mainly religious scenes.He became recognised for his nocturne paintings, where night scene narratives were dramatically lit as if by the light of a candle. The Duke of Lorraine

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Prado Museum and Enlightenment Area

We propose a journey through the architectural footprints of the first Bourbons in our city Strolling through the center of Madrid, one stumbles upon endless buildings, wide avenues and beautiful fountains which were erected by Bourbon monarchs to grant the capital the monumentality it deserved. The tour includes a visit to El Prado Museum, focusing on the main masterpieces Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez  and other  favorites,  like Saint Catherine by Fernando Yañez de la Almedina,who settled in Valencia after training in Italy in the circle of Leonardo da Vinci After El Prado we can chose to either the Retiro

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Antonello and the Blue Background

I would like to start by attributing some of my most profound inspirations and knowledge of paintings to my great Professor Isabel Alonso. She is responsible for having provoked curiosity in me; further deepening my passion for the art collections found in The Prado Museum. One of her favorite masterpieces is “Dead Christ Held by an Angel”, by Antonello da Messina, that today, thanks to the preparation of a new temporary exhibition, has been moved closer to Tiziano and shines with the deep blue background that it is placed before. Alexander Dumas (Villers-Cotterts, 1802-1870, Puys) tells a story of Michael

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