Around the work of great master of the Neoclassical line, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.

The Prado Museum  current exhibition gives a close look at the technique of one of the most revered artists in the history of drawing and provides an occasion to learn from his example. The exhibition presents itself touches on his complex relationship with the art of portraiture, (the sacred art which has secured his place as one of the great painters of history), torn between ambition and repulsion. The works of Ingres and his very individual aesthetic represent a key movement towards the artistic revolutions of the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. He

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5 personal favorite Masterpieces

Our country is a land of creative thinkers and makers. This city is brilliantly light, and it could be for this reason that such great painters – as Velázquez, Goya, Sorolla, Picasso – were inspired. It was in the past, and continues today, in the twenty-first, to be a city of light and thought. In Madrid, the cultural, artistic, vanguard, gastronomic and literary life is always alive and moving. Every day is full of surprises! It´s well known as a city that never sleeps. Perhaps, the Madrilenian muses come out at night? This is the city that I always come

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A dialogue between Cardinal and the Countess

The picture of this lady from the Renaissance period was given as a gift to Francis I, King of France, by Cardinal Bibbiena, on behalf of the Medici Pope Leo X, who had earlier instructed Raphael to do several religious painting in order to give them to the monarchs with the intention of persuading the monarchs to join in the war with the Turks. When you first enter into the last room of the exhibition, you are faced with the Portrait of Cardinal Bibbiena and this delicate lady. One of the first things you might notice is how the two

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Raphael ability to express emotions and evoke feelings

The Prado museum in Madrid, Spain, dedicates an exhibition to Raphael Sanzio and his workshop. This exhibition is very particular, because is devoted to the last years of the master’s life, when he lived and worked in Rome, as one of the most influential artists of his time. One cannot speak of Raphael Sanzio in a few words. This is only a simple invitation to know him following different paths characterized by spaces and emotions. The exhibit includes more than seventy signed works, paintings and drawings, all of them created in his last seven years of life; from the start

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The Young Ribera

It’s Thursday and we must think about the weekend. Madrid will be bright and sunny,so take time to walk and relax on the terraces.  In the evening  go touring inside the Prado Museum, it is free, it is cultural and cool. There is a new exhibition about “The Young Ribera”, showing  some thirty works. One of its aims is to explain the evolution of the José de Ribera’s style until he became one of the most original and powerful naturalistic painters after Caravaggio. Another purpose of this exhibition is to show the activity of the Spanish artist during his stay in Rome and during the years following his

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