An imaginary conversation between Burke and Kant

A strange and silent piece of work that stands in its original format; lengthy and narrow, illuminated against the light of the windows. This mirrored room should be exposed. I know the Baroque work of Rubens that precedes this one. Mercurio has the sword lifted, ready to kill Argos – it is an energetic and essentially baroque scene. In this case, Mercurio is stealthily advancing in an attempt not to awake Argos, who having heard music has fallen into a deep sleep. What a beautiful scene! There is a striking balance, difficult to replicate. Fascinating, without a doubt. I do

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5 Best Christmas Exhibits

There is too much to see and too little time in this marvelous city! These Christmas do not miss…        PALACIO DE CIBELES: “Casa Alba”.  Without a doubt this will be one of the major exhibitions of the year. Historically, The Dukes of Alba have been the largest art collectors after the Royal Dynasties in Spain. Their taste for art is exquisite, and their collection is wonderful, at least the minute part of it shown here. We fin Goyas’, Titians’, Ingres’, Rubens’, and Fra Angelico’s “Our Lady of Granada,” which according to the director of the MET is the painter’s

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5 Best Autumn Art Museum Exhibits

Madrid is well known for its art museums. While many permanent exhibits are world renown, the museums also treat us to excellent temporary exhibits. Here are Madrid’s 5 best temporary exhibits to see till December 2012. PALACIO REAL  “El Infante Don Luis.” An interesting character, and Carlos III’s brother, Don Luis married a woman of lower social status and therefore was banished from the Court. He is obligated to live in a Palace in Avila   where some of the most interesting intellectuals of the era gathered. Goya could not resist visiting him and stays almost a month, making portraits of

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